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For Doctors

We understand the struggles most health care professionals experience when prescribing medication. Not being able to prescribe medication you might prefer because of cost is more than likely frustrating. We recognize your staff can become unnecessarily overwhelmed with the additional responsibilities of time consuming paperwork and trying to accommodate a patient who cannot afford their medicine.  We know you are in the field of caring for patients, so let us help.

  • Medication Outreach works with thousands of doctors and their patients across the United States.
  • We handle all administrative aspects on behalf of the doctor and office with the exception of writing a prescription and signing patient assistance applications.
  • We intercept many basic phone calls with questions that could weigh your staff down regarding the patient’s medication.
  • With doctor approval, we assist and facilitate in the refill process to ensure proper medication management.
  • In some cases the patient will become in better overall health by taking medication they might not have chosen not too because of unaffordability.
  • The pharmaceutical companies provide assistance on NAME BRAND medication, allowing you the freedom to prescribe your preferred medication therapy without defaulting to a less effective medication.

Our goal is to respect your time and save your office money and do our best to keep your patients happy. We can alleviate in the costs for hiring social workers or additional staff otherwise needed to assist patients in facilitating the rigorous application process.

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